North-Link Stage 2

Pilewest - Screw Piling at Great Northern Connect – North-Link Stage 2. Image.

Client – Great Northern Connect

Design, supply, install and test Screw Piling for Great Northern Connect – North-Link Stage 2.  Aspects included:

  • 6 number Screw Piles for FB9425 Pedestrian Footbridge.
  •  2 Screw Piles for FB9426 Pedestrian Footbridge
  • 16 number Screw Piles for FB9122A Pedestrian Footbridge

85 Grey Street Northam

Pilewest - Screw pile installation at 85 Grey St, Northam. Image.

Client – Firm Construction

Design, supply and install 36 Screw Piles at 85 Grey Street, Northam.

BHP Mulla Mulla Camp Extension

Pilewest - Screw Pile Testing at BHP Mulla Mulla Camp. Image.

Client – Tetra Tech

Screw Pile testing at BHP Mulla Mulla Camp Extension.

Beeliar Drive

Pilewest - Permanent Soldier Wall at Beeliar Drive. Image.

Client – RJ Vincent

Design & Construct Permanent Soldier Wall – 270 LM – at Beeliar Drive.

Bunnings Belmont

Pilewest - Bunnings Belmont Soldier Pile Retaining System. Image.

Client – Subiaco Building Company

Design and construct 70 LM of Soldier Pile Retaining Wall.

Kiln Lane Cottesloe

Pilewest - Soldier Piling at Kiln Lane, Cottesloe. Image.

Client – Lime Street Projects

Design & construct soldier pile retaining system for boundary road.

10 Rona Street North Beach.

Pilewest - Soldier Piling at 10 Rona Street, North Beach. Image.

Client – Dorrington Homes

Construction of two retaining walls to neighbouring boundaries at 10 Rona Street, North Beach, using soldier piling.

Claremont On The Park

Pilewest - Claremont On The Park Soldier Piling. Image.

Client – BGC Construction

Design & Construct Temporary Retaining System at Caleremont On The Park.

Opal Aged Care Alfred Cove

Pilewest - Soldier Piling at Opal Aged Care, Alfred Cove. Image.

Client – BGC Construction

Soldier Piling at Opal Aged Care, Kitchener Road, Alfred Cove. A 120 LM temporary retaining system was installed.