Coogee Chemicals Pipe Bridge

Pilewest - Coogee Chemicals Pipe Bridge

Project Owner – Coogee  Chemicals
Client – WBHO Civil
Date – Sept 2013

Working closely with engineers Pritchard Francis screwpiles were able to be incorporated into a foundation design for pipe bridge over a railway line for Coogee Chemicals at their loading facility south of Fremantle. Due to the very large design impact loads that the foundation had to withstand and the restricted area available, raked screwpiles were a good solution saving large volumes of concrete and reinforcement what would normally had been required.

Pilewest engaged Probedrill to undertake a CPT probe to a depth of 12m in each foundation base allowing a very accurate existing soil profile to be used in the screwpile design. This ensured that the screwpiles were founded at the correct level and the required installation torques were achieved.

Working within a very small corridor Pilewest was able to install 12 raked screwpiles in each foundation quickly and efficiently without disrupting scheduled rail services and operations.