Screw piling

Screw piles - Pilewest

Screw piling also known as Helical piling has been used in construction for over 200 years with early versions being used for foundations for lighthouse structures. Developments in materials and installation equipment in the last 20 years have seen screwpiles become a versatile and efficient alternative to conventional piling techniques.


Steel screw piling can offer the following benefits over traditional piling methods:-

  • Fast installation
  • No curing time is required, work can continue immediately after installation.
  • Unaffected by high ground water which can cause auger holes to collapse.
  • No spoil is generated; this is of significant benefit for contaminated sites.
  • Low environmental impact, minimal noise and vibration during installation.
  • Can be removed, reused and are made from 100% recyclable steel.
  • Ground conditions can be proven by monitoring the torque achieved during installation.
  • Screwpiles can be easily extended should ground conditions change or differ from that expected.
  • Corrosion rates can be accurately determined and included in the screwpiles design.
Screw piles - Pilewest


Steel screwpiles can be used for the following applications:-

Screw piles - Pilewest
  • Cyclonic anchors for modular or transportable buildings.
  • Piling close to sewer lines and easements.
  • Concrete tilt up construction.
  • Solar panel foundations.
  • Remove surcharge loads off retaining walls.
  • Tension anchors for temporary structures requiring guy wires.
  • Ground anchors for slope stability.
  • Communication towers and mono poles.
  • Lighting and signage foundations.
  • Compression piles for poor sites with reactive clay, peat or uncontrolled fill.
  • Boardwalks, decks or jetties in eco sensitive areas or with limited access.
  • Bridge abutments, piers and widening.
  • Underpinning and footing repair.
  • Pipelines above ground and creek or river crossings
  • Tension piles for basement uplift loads when below the water table.
  • To resist earthquake load in multi storey stair or lift wells.
  • Construction crane bases or heavy lifting support.
Screw piles - Pilewest